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Technology Copywriting

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When it comes to technology copywriting, there is a tendency to lean into acronyms and other jargon. Engineers (and the marketers that love them) might be tempted to take an overly linear approach—and to focus on the robust and advanced features inherent in your software or your hardware. Guilty as charged. Right?

We get it. But we have kind of a different idea. Why not ditch the jargon, paint a more contextual (less linear) picture, and convert your magnificent features into powerful benefits instead—ones that are briskly motivating and cleanly understood?

We can do that. And we've done it many a time, for tech-savvy readers, non-tech leaders, end users, and the myriad of people in between.  

We excel at demystifying complex innovations, from automation to robotics—and crisply explain how they'll irretrievably alter our lives. Say you have a SaaS to promote. Or you pull rabbits out of a hat, with predictive analytics. We'll think you're fascinating—and then we'll get down to brass tacks.

We’ve taken the buzz out of the blockchain, while marveling at the power/potential of machine learning. We've posited the future of recruiting, of global trade, of the digital workforce (and we're a little worried, just like you).

Technical Writing

We’ve been delighted to learn how the wonder of AI can shave weeks off of complex valuations—and make them more precise. We’ve conjured the cars of 2025—and the automotive assistants that will help us make the most of them. We’ve explained the evolution of ad tech, explored failures in cybersecurity, told a story or two about IT infrastructure. We can sling around terms like cloud migration, code validation, and cognitive arbitration, and enlighten you on many of their virtues.

We love absorbing what you do, extracting the insights that inform your best strategies, and executing these with clarity and shine. Read on for select samples—chosen from a ripe sea of discovery.

Read on for select samples—chosen from a ripe sea of discovery.

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