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The Synopsis

Shockingly widespread, pelvic floor dysfunction often means suffering in shame and silence. Stacey Futterman, founder of 5 Point Physical Therapy, wanted to change that. She hired us to craft website copy that would educate suffering readers—and treating physicians—in a way that was positive and hopeful. Our work was so evocative—and effective—that when it was time to relaunch, Stacey hired us again to craft copy around a gorgeous new design.

The Copywriting Challenge

MarketSmiths set out to write new copy that retained elements of the old site, while fitting snugly and coherently around the new design. We aimed to appeal to patients—without being so simplistic it would lose doctors and other medical staff—while getting to the heart of 5 Point’s pelvic specialty—without being graphic, technical, or despondent.

The Solution

The new 5 Point website maintains its original overflow of positivity, while seamlessly weaving fresh copy into its upgraded design:

  • The home page celebrates the human pelvic floor in its full, multitasking glory. It envisions an attainable, immediate future for those living with painful or awkward dysfunction.
  • Our copywriters incorporated patient FAQs: questions about consultations, first treatments, doctor referrals, and insurance.
  • Staff bios are woven from stories instead of credentials—building intimacy, accessibility, and trust.
  • We addressed auxiliary services: mentoring outside therapists, working with out-of-town patients, and other ways to spread the word and help.


Your pelvis is an adept and powerful multi-tasker. It holds your organs in place. Regulates key functions. During sex, it becomes a pleasure zone. And that’s how things should be–no matter who you are or what you’ve undergone.

Yet plenty of men and women—from young adults to seniors—accept life with less…Some figure their issue is an inevitable part of having surgery, giving birth, or simply getting older. But we know better.

What the Client Said

MarketSmiths’ copywriters have remarkable perspective. They capture the passion for what you do, while also bridging the gap between you and your reader. The first time I read my new website copy, I literally cried. My copywriter got it, she spoke to both medical and non-medical readers, and she did it in a way that no one else has (!!). I get compliments on our website and postcard copywriting all the time, and most importantly, WE ARE BUSY!”

—Stacey Futterman, founder, 5 Point Physical Therapy

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