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The model for New York City commercial real estate (CRE) transactions hasn’t materially changed in 40+ years. B6 Advisors set out to break the mold—and emerge with fanfare.

Fortunately, making a splash is nothing new to these founders. With an industry titan (and former mayoral candidate) at the helm, and a 14-year track record as #1 in transaction volume for NYC investment sales, the upstart brokerage is—by any account—already a pretty savvy CRE player. When they approached us, they were getting ready to launch something bigger: a brokerage that pairs data and technology with boots-on-the-ground real estate know-how.

Our Challenge

B6 Advisors knew that branding and messaging would be key to differentiating themselves right out of the gate. They enlisted a top-tier branding agency to get things started—then turned over the website copywriting to us. After reviewing the agency’s in-depth document and speaking with the founders, we knew the challenge would be twofold.

How do you transform the paradigm in a lasting way, within an industry that doesn’t relish change? How do you grab the stage with panache—when you’re a startup, albeit a startup with star power?

The Result

Teamwork was critical to this project’s success. As B6’s directors were laser-focused on building out their group, they needed their creative team—with us as copywriters and the fabulous Marena Studios as website developers—to be in sync, melding words with visuals, and ensuring both would make a splash. The result: an impactful, streamlined website that met the client’s sky-high standards and packs a punch of fresh air.

Check it out. The words are ours, and design is by the estimable Marena Studios.

If you’d like to read more, go to B6realestateadvisors.com

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