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An agency partner asked us to help enliven a video script for a biosciences company. The video intended to educate public health officials in Brazil and the U.S. on effective solutions for mosquito control, in light of the Zika virus outbreak.

Copywriting Challenge & Solution

The MarketSmiths scriptwriting team made swift work of it. We took a 5-minute video script–dense with verbiage and data—and reduced it to 4½ minutes, delivering the finished script to the client within 48 hours.


The completed video script kept all statistics and case studies intact. MarketSmiths retained the educational, slightly academic voice the client had requested, while making it more it resonant and human—deepening the story arc and causing significant moments to emotionally land. Our client’s challenge is now to get the word out!

Watch the video below.

What the Client Says…

I feel like a fresh air just blew through this script. It is fascinating to see the difference! It is transformative. It feels very fluid. It is engaging. It has a positive mood and much more.Thank you for MarketSmiths’ amazing efforts.”

-Mary Olson, strategic consultant

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