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The Synopsis

Prior to launch, this fitness training studio had a clunky website navigation—and copy that ignored its two key strengths: 1) fully customized, semi-private training, and 2) “functional” fitness.

The Solution

  • We fixed the navigation, re-arranging tabs to be intuitive for the user.
  • Rather than bury semi-private training—the studio’s key offering—amidst a long list of services (and no tabs), we assigned it to the first tab, wrote prominent copy, and scattered other mentions throughout the site.
  • With the help of one of the trainers, we learned about—and played up—the functional aspect of the studio’s training.
  • We flipped the viewpoint into a second-person reader focus.
  • We converted the formerly generic bios into lively, short narratives. We arranged specialties, certifications, and degrees into manageable bullet lists—easier for the brain to scan and absorb.
  • We categorized and rewrote FAQs to be succinct and searchable.
  • We worked within the boundaries of an existing design.


Semi-Private Training. Look around. Education, athletics, problem solving, even day care and chemotherapy: all are proven more effective in small groups. Why? Because small groups allow you to tap into resources that aren’t available when you go it alone.

The same holds true for training…

What the Client Said…

I wanted to give a quick shout out and thank you to this crew in particular for helping us establish and continuing to establish a well-respected and highly regarded brand at BSF.

We most likely received a new client today who simply found us through Google, liked our website and how we came across, engaged with our social media, and set up an assessment all on her own. The entire experience wouldn’t have happened without your expertise and support, so thank you!”

-Kado Simmons, Body Space Fitness

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