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The Synopsis

Adam Breshin asked us to help create his digital presence in Bergen County, NJ.

The Copywriting Challenge

At first glance, one tree removal company is exactly like the next. You shop around, hire someone cheap, and you’re done.

But it’s not. Some companies just want to make a quick buck-not save a tree (when warranted). Others will do the job–and leave a mess. Still others don’t carry insurance. And so forth.

It was our job to differentiate Boulder Hill–and make tree removal sound distinguishable, engaging…even sexy.

The Solution

We wrote Adam’s site like an interesting short story. It took a serious tone–but wasn’t beyond being sophisticated, playful (see On Being Playful, left), and even sexy.


Storm winds. Beetles. A new wing in your house.

Whatever the reason, your tree is a hazard or obstruction. Time to remove it.

Tree removal is a dangerous job—and one that can leave a giant mess, or take days to complete. So you want to call a service that will do it quickly, safely, and with the utmost respect and class.

You want to call us.


On Being Playful

Just one line is all it takes. Read this:

“We take special care to treat our customers—and their homes and lawns—with the utmost respect. We leave your home in the same condition—or better—than we found it.

Minus, of course, the target tree(s).”

And this:

“We won’t leave sawdust on your bathroom floor—or logs in the middle of your lawn. We know you live here.”

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