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When Hurricane Sandy wrought havoc in 2012, New York City launched Build it Back: a powerful, federally funded program to help homeowners rebuild.

Copywriting Challenge

Build it Back needed inspiring, cross-channel copy that would engage a sweeping audience, and enroll thousands to register for assistance.

The Solution

Working hand-in-hand with Build it Back’s creative team, our copywriters crafted a full suite of written materials, from evocative newsletters to a potent internal manifesto to taglines and branded language. In all aspects, we captured a spirit of grit, determination, and renewal that spoke to city residents. By October 31, 2013, NYC Build it Back had reached 25,000 registered applicants, exceeding original expectations by at least 20 percent.


We are here to reward and mirror the tenacity and spirit of New Yorkers displaced by Sandy. The cleanup, the fortitude, the resilience: all have led to this affirmation that yes, there is a bright solution for this chapter, and it is both imminent and real.

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