As a leading contract development and manufacturing company, CABB wanted to hone its marketing efforts. Being in a complex industry, it wanted to find copywriters who could understand and write about chemical custom manufacturing in a sophisticated, yet digestible manner.

CABB needed a copywriting team that could educate its readers about the complexities of chemical custom manufacturing.

Client: “We just can’t make the time”

Fun fact: chemicals are essential to 96% of manufactured products today. As such, CABB Group GmbH’s Jayhawk site plays a key role in the reliable performance of some of the products you trust the most: from veterinary care products all the way to smart devices, including the latest phones.

The Kansas-based operation has an impressive 40-year track record in the custom manufacturing of active ingredients and advanced intermediates for multiple clients and industries. 

CABB wanted to grow its marketing efforts—which had been written solely in-house. “There are a lot of online opportunities that we had ideas about, but didn’t have resources for,” explains Borys Schafran, VP of Sales and Marketing at Jayhawk. 

Borys soon found MarketSmiths. Initially, he tapped our copywriting agency to revamp a CABB product brochure. From there, the relationship has flourished, with our marketing projects now spanning content types (thought leadership, social media, sales collateral, website pages) and topics (sustainability, fine chemical outsourcing).

Challenge: “[With some other writers], you find yourself rewriting quite a bit” 

Before outsourcing copywriting to MarketSmiths, Borys had hired freelance copywriters. He found that this solution sometimes left him with more work, not less. 

That isn’t surprising. Fine chemical custom manufacturing is a technical, complex topic—and CABB’s primary audience—chemists and engineers—requires a level of sophistication not easily located. 

In retrospect, Borys realizes now that what he really wanted was a team of copywriters that wouldn’t be fazed by complexity. After all, he needed them to absorb the material quickly—and then communicate it appropriately for an audience of technical experts, with elegance and (if needed) urgency. “Capture the narrative, express it in layman’s terms, and give it back to me in a concise style that fits,” said Borys. 

Shared Success: “You understood from the first word” 

After a word-of-mouth referral from an existing vendor, Borys approached MarketSmiths for help—and was quickly impressed with what he experienced. Rather than wasting time with muddled drafts or incorrect claims, we “understood from the first word” what he was looking for.

That began with transforming a dry brochure into copy that sparkled. In the past year, we’ve completed a series of blog posts on the company’s sustainability commitment, shared tactics for fine chemical outsourcing, discussed website copywriting strategies, and more. Going into 2021, we’ll write consumer-facing articles to educate and build awareness of the value that CABB delivers to downstream customers. 

Borys is happy to report that we’ve hit a stride with his team. “There’s a good comfort factor there,” he says. “We’ve grown to appreciate each other’s work—and it fits.”

Apart from saving Borys and his marketing team huge amounts of time, our consistent quality and quick turnarounds are ideal for an ambitious marketer reliant on reproducible results. 

“CABB always had a LinkedIn presence,” he says, “but really just a profile page and the occasional blog post. But since March, we’ve been doing daily postings with themes and content schedules. We’ve got everything mapped out.”

More to the point, this robust partnership has greatly boosted CABB’s engagement figures. For a recent sustainability campaign, for example, Borys says that they’re averaging 1.5 more click-throughs than expected. 

The numbers on our new fine chemical outsourcing campaign are even more impressive, with three times the visitors CABB Jayhawk predicted.

No wonder, then, that support from the MarketSmiths team has been fundamental to both the “quality of the content and reader interest,” in Borys’ view.  

CABB works with a constellation of third-party marketing vendors, but Borys says that “I’ve already shifted work over to MarketSmiths, taking it from other vendors. I don’t know what more I can sayI’d like to make a very strong endorsement.”

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