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Mazen Karnaby created Cedra as the antidote to the modern pharmacy, but the company’s website didn’t reflect its personal, specialized, and cutting-edge approach. That’s why Mazen came to MarketSmiths for help.

Copywriting Challenge

Cedra Pharmacy’s web copy needed to embody its one-of-a-kind branding, while still instilling trust and clearly conveying all its offerings.


MarketSmiths’ website content effectively channels Cedra’s human touch, thorough care, and advanced techniques. By writing in a warm, inviting manner, our copywriters gracefully positioned Cedra as the one-of-a-kind pharmacy it truly is.


At Cedra Pharmacy, our service is professional, knowledgeable and customized. Like an attentive concierge, we anticipate your needs and administer unprecedented care, so you can focus on the pursuit of healthy living.

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