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The Synopsis

Jazz singer-turned confectioner Christine Cole crafts liquor-laced gourmet treats in New York City. Christine’s “Prohibition” truffles and bourbon caramels aren’t your mom’s cherry cordials: they’re high-quality, sultry, slightly naughty confections—a wicked little thrill for adults. Christine sells her candies retail (through her website) or wholesale, and her following is growing rapidly.

The Blog Writing Challenge

With the imminent launch of a new website, Christine hired our copywriters to kickstart her blog. The basic goal of the blog—and indeed, any blog—is twofold: to market one’s brand in meaningful (informative, engaging, entertaining) ways, while creating new pages embedded with SEO-boosting keyphrases.

The Results 

Our ghost bloggers will showcase the line’s textures and flavors in a vividly sensual way:

  • The inaugural blog post introduces Christine. It’s a captivating once-upon-a-time story (in 250 words!) of how an actress and jazz singer became a candy maker.
  • This first post pinpoints Christine’s blog voice: playful and glamorous, like a seductive candy kitten.
  • Our copywriters then leveraged autumn to tackle two new seasonal gourmet caramel flavors.

When the new site goes live, future blog posts will include Christine’s artisanal method, choosing quality ingredients for candy, and select recipes. We couldn’t be more excited!


When I think autumn, I think apples. And then I think caramels, since they go with apples. I also think of bourbon heated in a comforting mug of toddy….and the warm rush that follows in your heart region. Bourbon isn’t just for reveling: it reminds me of a bygone era when they drank whiskey and prepared alcohol salves to heal people. This stuff isn’t just’s good for you, too (wink!).

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