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With decades of experience, Compello Partners advised private equity firms through their value investment cycle. from due diligence to carve-outs to merger integrations. Due to the fast-paced nature of its work, the company didn't have the time to build its website. Marketsmiths provided a team of writers who knew the industry and could accurately demonstrate Compello's services with strategic, professional copywriting.

Compello invested in Marketsmiths’ services so it could focus on growth.


“I knew I didn't want a single shingle, I needed an agency that had experience writing in private equity”

In the past 20 years, private equity’s net asset value has grown exponentially: twice as fast as public equities. For private equity firms, the resulting deal flow is swift and competitive. To harvest strong returns, private equity firms need to be able to quickly assess potential acquisitions, integrate newly combined corporate structures, and the like.  

That’s an area in which Compello Partners thrives. The firm has spent several decades advising private equity firms on everything from due diligence to merger integrations. Between the fast pace of transactions and advising clients, the Compello team didn’t have time to dedicate to writing its website. 

For Managing Director Rich Ferraro, it was imperative to find a copywriting agency that could understand the complexities of his industry, then reflect them in an engaging and powerful way. So he called MarketSmiths.

“I knew I didn’t want a single shingle [freelance copywriter], I needed an agency that had experience writing in private equity. I researched MarketSmiths’ background and looked at their previous clients, one of which happened to be in my field,” he says. “This gave me a good sense, one, of their professionalism, and two, of their capabilities to provide content aimed at private equity firms, who are my customers.”MarketSmiths wrote Compello’s new website copy—and it marked the start of a wonderful partnership designed to filter, attract, and deliver qualified leads for Compello. Rich keeps our copywriting team on board to write case studies, consult on sales decks, and execute other content marketing as Compello continues to expand.

“The Marketsmiths’ team is exceptional. They’re responsive, professional, and know their stuff.”—Rich Ferraro, Managing Director, Compello Partners


“I'm busy growing my business and need a trusted advisor to help me quickly strategize and brainstorm”

Before enlisting MarketSmiths, Compello worked with a web design agency—but found they didn’t have the financial background or the finely-tuned writing skills needed to speak to an audience of high-level executives. 

While Rich and his colleagues have extensive knowledge of their industry, their priority was to support their clients. What’s more, Rich himself quickly realized how much website copywriting differed from ordinary writing.

“Frankly, I don’t have the time to write the content nor am I a professional content writer,” he says. Besides, he added, “I’m busy growing my business and need a trusted advisor to help me quickly strategize and brainstorm.”



Shared Success

“MarketSmiths have allowed me and my staff to focus on our business while they do the heavy's worth every dollar”

Learning of MarketSmiths’ vast experience, Rich knew we could distill Compello’s complex services into humanized copy—and attract new clients. 

Through interviews and a deep dive into Compello’s offerings, the MarketSmiths copywriting team learned the ins and outs of the firm’s advisory services, starting with a site map strategically designed to communicate the right pages: intuitively. Our first move was to cull a long list of service offerings into a structure that’s digestible, manageable, and effective. 

MarketSmiths quickly got us, along with our goals and key messages, Rich says. “They were very good about understanding that—and that’s hard to do.”

Our copy hit the mark right off the bat, and showed Rich the value of having a partnership with a copywriting agency, through time saved and the collaborative ease of our work.

“Before taking the first stab at creating the content, they interviewed me to ask me a lot of questions about what we do, how we do it, who our customers are, what our service offerings are, and what our industry market is,” he recalls. “And that first draft was pretty spot on.

Now that the new Compello website copy positions the firm as the industry leader it is, MarketSmiths focuses on content marketing. So far, we’ve penned a few compelling case studies—and helped weigh in on the company’s pitch deck. 

For Rich, investing in MarketSmiths’ copywriting services means he could take some of the weight off of his staff, and focus on growing the client base. 

“The Marketsmiths’ team is exceptional,” he says. “They’re responsive, professional, and know their stuff. They have allowed me and my staff to focus on our business while they do the heavy lifting, producing professional and high-quality content. It’s worth every dollar.”

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