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New York City is filled with them. Dilapidated lots. Churches in need of repair. Buildings that need updating, that have fallen into the hands of the next generation. Brooklyn-based Level One Holdings scouts these properties out–and transforms them into residential gems.

Copywriting Challenge

Rose B. approached us for a rush project: to give birth to the company’s new website in the form of crisp, enticing copy. The copy needed to be vivid but not specific, detailed but not boxed in. It needed to appeal to a multifaceted audience of sellers and residents–and she wanted it pronto.


Within two days, we presented Rose with our masterpiece. She directed us through some tiny tweaks–and then up went the copy–gleaming, like a freshly renovated LOH building. Rose subsequently hired MarketSmiths to write multiple sales letters, marketing kits, bios, and building descriptions.

If you’d like to read more, go to leveloneholdings.com.

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