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Hilary Hendershott’s mission is to empower women to build their wealth. Her fiduciary wealth advisory–Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management–was relaunching its website, and needed to set the firm apart in a crowded, largely undifferentiated space.

Copywriting Challenge

Once on board as the website copywriters, MarketSmiths set forth giving Hilary’s existing copy drafts context and texture. We stripped out what was generic, long-winded, and repetitive, enabling Hilary’s powerful differentiators to emerge: her advocacy of women, her standing as a true fiduciary, her no-nonsense strategies, and her quest to eliminate any and all conflicts of interest from her practice.

The Solution

MarketSmiths provided HHWM with complete website copy: friendly, rich, and regulatorily compliant. We leveraged keywords in a natural way and infused the firm’s mission into every word, leaving HHWM with a strategic but humanized finished product.


Financial Planning for Women

When it comes to financial planning, being a woman is hardly a disadvantage.

Recent studies show women both save more of their money and invest it more successfully than men. Some people might be surprised by that—I’m not.

There’s a huge opportunity out there for women to maximize their wealth, but if you haven’t made those kinds of financial decisions before, it can be intimidating.

My goal is to eliminate the confidence gap. I know firsthand the unique challenges women face when it comes to preserving and growing their wealth. I’ll help you get comfortable in your new role as an investor, while we work together to chart the best path to your long-term financial security.

If you’d like to read more, go to hilaryhendershott.com.

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