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In founding Coucou Brooklyn, Léa and Marianne Perret envisioned a French language school that quadruples as a library, study space, and lively Brooklyn, NYC community.

Copywriting Challenge

In addition to capturing the joyful and decidedly French voices of Coucou’s two jet setting founders, our copywriters needed craft a persuasive, no-nonsense business plan.


For the Coucou website, our copywriters:

  • Made clever, relevant, and helpful references to Francophile celebrities to illustrate the various class levels.
  • Differentiated the Coucou website from that of its competitors with clear copy and uncluttered web space.
  • Drizzled French culture, sophisticated yet unfussy learning, and Parisian cool throughout, making a visit to the Coucou classroom all but irresistible.

The web copy and the business plan make a powerful pairing. Where the website delights and beguiles, the business plan is packed with carefully researched evidence. The client was thrilled with both.


Coucou Brooklyn is a French language school based on intimate, culturally savvy, native-taught French classes.

We’re also a community, allowing students to meet and converse with fellow francophiles over a cup of coffee, browse our library, attend film screenings, etc in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

What the Client Said

MarketSmiths wrote the copy for our website, which everyone loves. We keep getting compliments on it (specifically on the videos of celebrities speaking French to indicate class level… this has made people laugh)! MarketSmiths also helped with our Business Plan, which has also worked out really well. We’ve been very happy with what MarketSmiths provided us and have certainly seen a growth in our business since using their services. We’d definitely recommend MarketSmiths to anyone who is looking for reliable, effective copywriting services.”

-Marianne Perret, Coucou Brooklyn

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