For nearly five decades, De'Longhi has been a renowned home appliance company providing customers with a variety of products. It reached out to Marketsmiths to help create humanized, personal copy that would detail product listings in an accessible, yet informative way. In the end, De'Longhi's marketing team was able to improve product lead times and present strong content that resonated with their brand.

De'Longhi needed copy that could speak to customers while providing detailed information about their appliances.

Client: “I was really looking for an agency that could freshen up our language”

De’Longhi has been a stalwart of the domestic appliances world for nearly five decades. Back in 1974, the Italian company made it big manufacturing an oil-filled radiator—success that has continued across a range of products, from portable air conditioners to deep fryer filters. 

As a Communications Manager at De’Longhi, Edy Oakland needed help. Focused on marketing home comfort and kitchen products at the company, she’d long relied on varying agencies to develop anything from consumer letters to feature lists on Amazon—and was now looking to. update the company’s product copy to be more relevant with younger audiences. 

“I was really looking for an agency that could freshen up our language, and speak to the everyday consumer,” Edy explains. “I think that with Millennials, even with Gen X, it’s very important for the copy to be relatable.” 

After finding MarketSmiths through a Google search, Edy hired us to sharpen things up her product copy. She now works with our copywriting team across a range of product categories and platforms. 

Challenge: “That’s the whole concept of a copywriter, right? To make our world a little easier”

Before tapping MarketSmiths, Edy had worked on content marketing projects with other copywriting agencies, but there was much left to be desired. In large part, says Edy, it came down to quality and tone.

I could never find anybody to strike the right balance between speaking to the technical benefits of the product, without making the sentences too long and overly wordy,” she explains. “Because when that happens, obviously you lose the consumers’ interest quite quickly.”

Shared Success: You’re the one! Your work is “absolutely, 100% consistentregardless of who I’m working with”

Intrigued by MarketSmiths’ commitment to sharp, detailed, humanized copy, Edy decided to get in touch. She’s glad she did. From our very first conversation, she was impressed by our thoughtful questions—and our immediate understanding of what she was looking for. 

Once we sent over our first drafts, it was clear to Edy that her intuition was right. “The moment I got my first draft, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders,” she laughs. “I had found the one!” 

In fact, Edy had found more than one. Edy says MarketSmiths’ work is practically flawless whichever team member puts pen to paper, even if they’re brand new to the De’Longhi account. “It’s absolutely, 100% consistentregardless of who I’m working with.” 

Reliability matters in other ways. Jumping into so many corners of De’Longhi’s online presence, from Amazon product listings to descriptions at Bed, Bath and Beyond, it’s “very important” to keep a consistent tone for whichever platform we’re writing—while keeping it fresh for younger audiences. 

It was crucial, too, that our copywriting agency could stay consistent on length. Too wordy and customers would get bored before they added that new espresso machine to their cart—too short and they wouldn’t understand how delicious their coffee could be.

Happily, Edy says MarketSmiths was skilled at crafting fantastically versatile copy, which could be expanded or cut as needed. “You were a huge help,” she says. “Not only did you help with short product descriptions, you were also able to provide longer explanations on our enhanced content, too.” 

With such a reliable partner, it’s unsurprising Edy has only praise for MarketSmiths—and not just for our glittering copy. Rather than sending draft after draft to hapless copywriters, she can now be sure that everything will be perfect from the get-go, something that massively improves product lead times.

Shortening lead times is unbelievable to me, especially in a product launch where you’re sometimes dealing with a short timeline,” she says. “I know that I can count on your team to knock work out for me in a few weeks.”

Unsurprisingly, this feeds into the actual popularity of De’Longhi products. As one of Edy’s colleagues puts it, we provide “inspiring and engaging copy that’s taken our sell through to the next level.”

With feedback like that, no wonder Edy summarizes her relationship with MarketSmiths so positively. “I’m grateful for you making my job easier and faster, for providing better copy and outputand for really being able to connect better to our consumers.” 

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