Driven by the desire to help startups grow, Yaasha Sabba left his in-house counsel role at a major credit card company to start his own firm. He needed a website that demonstrated the growth-generating possibilities of legal counsel–and sold startups on a new business model: monthly law firm “subscriptions.”

Copywriting Challenge

Yaasha wanted his site to go live by the start of a conference: exactly two weeks from our start date. He was looking for engaging, humanized website copy that:

1)   Established Sky Unlimited Law as “not your ordinary law firm”

2)   Emphasized services that go beyond just legal counsel, tying in long-term strategy and proactive risk mitigation

3)   Highlighted the importance of working with a lawyer, even early on in a business’s lifecycle

The Solution

MarketSmiths crafted confident, reader-focused website copy that highlights the firm’s unique value—without violating attorney-advertising regulations. With a tone that perfectly embodies the friendly, skies-the-limit voice of its founder, Sky Unlimited Law’s website is now a powerful appeal to its target audience: forward-thinking entrepreneurs.


We Help Startups Keep the Skies Clear and the Future Bright.

Founder. Entrepreneur. Startup.  Never in history have these words been so filled with promise. The journey from home-based business to billion-dollar company can happen in the blink of an eye.

But the horizon brims with risk, too. Leaky contracts. Outrageous fines. Liability where you least expect it.

Sky Unlimited Legal Advisory acts as your strategic legal partner. We enable your best strategies while helping you avoid risk at every growth stage – all without raining on your parade. We do everything we can to keep your horizons clear and sunny – as you rise and scale to greatness.

What the Client Says

“I really appreciate the content you’ve produced for yourselves at MarketSmiths, which was honestly how I tested whether to trust you as professionals. The [Sky Unlimited Law] website content has been great and well received. Overall, I liked how the message is laid out and the tone and each section flows very nicely—where I can read through the entire message with ease.”

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