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Our Client

DoorDash is a unicorn startup, with the enviable status of leading the increasingly crowded food delivery market. When Merchant Growth Marketing brought us on board to write TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content for restaurants, we were eager to serve up deliverables that would move the needle: measurably and dramatically. 

Our Challenge

To demonstrate the power of partnership, a great tactic is to educate, in a way that’s potent and market-savvy. 

We won’t reveal our team’s strategies—but our work involves performing industry-specific research, interviewing restaurant owners, brainstorming creative topic ideas, getting clear on DoorDash’s powerful product offerings, and writing long-form marketing content that’s knowledgeable, unerringly logical, and emotionally connected to the target audience. 

Our Shared Success

In just over a quarter-year, we’ve copywritten SEO-tailored blog posts, product-specific lookbooks, educational eBooks, landing pages, and more. We’ve contributed to long-term strategy and collaborated with whip-smart clients, a remarkable design team, and well-chosen vendors. So far, our materials have been performing well, receiving as many as 61,000 engagements, thousands of new contacts, and strong (20%+) open rates. 

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