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Pearson is the largest education company in the world. With over 35,000 employees across more than 70 countries, Pearson publishes thousands of textbooks across virtually every discipline. The seasonal cycle of textbook publishing calls for a high volume of marketing output in spring and fall—and lower volumes for the rest of the year.

Copywriting Challenge

Since temporary in-house writers weren’t a good option, the communications team needed a corporate copywriting vendor that could deliver tight turns at scale, without year-round overhead. The company turned to MarketSmiths for the ideal copywriting solution.


During peak season, MarketSmiths’ dedicated team delivers batches of marketing copy, routing this copy through internal approval channels in the same way an in-house Pearson writer would. Volume can get heavy and deadlines tight—and we embrace this rhythm, inviting our client to “bring it on!”

MarketSmiths is in its third year of providing outsource copywriting solutions to Pearson—and we couldn’t be prouder of our collaboration. We’ve completed upwards of 150 copy sets, and relish being able to help out this storied publisher.

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