As a medical technology startup, Ezra declared its mission to make prostate cancer screening more accurate. Without making light of the issues surrounding prostate cancer, MarketSmiths helped create accessible, informative, and urgent copy to educate readers—and encourage them to act decisively. The results? An approachable, yet substantive website, social media and SEO campaigns, and other marketing material that helps Ezra with its continued growth and expansion.

Ezra's mission is to provide patients with the information and resources they need to battle prostate cancer.

Our Client

Ezra is a medical technology startup that’s taking on cancer in a big way. As a starting point, they have their sights set on prostate cancer, and have launched a member-driven, technology-enabled screening program for men that are susceptible. Now available in New York and soon to expand, Ezra is on a mission to systematically detect cancer early, and give patients more than their fighting chance.

Our Challenge

How do you take a lighthearted approach to something as sobering as prostate cancer? How do you prompt healthy men to be proactive—without raising undue alarm? How do you make website copy friendly but serious, punchy but genuine, and above all differentiating and actionable?

In writing Ezra’s new website, we had our work cut out: to show, not tell—and to raise sufficient urgency to cause readers, for whom prostate cancer is but a distant, far-off possibility, to decisively act.

The Result

Through targeted research and rich interviews of subject matter experts (SMEs), we gained a wonderful education in a number of things. The symptoms of prostate cancer. The drawbacks of blood tests, PSA counts, and biopsies. The remarkable capabilities of MRIs and other advanced imaging technology. The opportunities afforded patients and radiologists by artificial intelligence. We learned the relevant data, understood the role played by family health histories, got clear on just how much early detection matters―and brought it all together in a compassionate and knowledgeable voice that reflected Ezra’s noble mission.  

Along the way, we are proud to have written this approachable, punchy, and substantive website. (Kudos to Canadian-based Locomotive for the truly remarkable website design!) Since then, we continue to support Ezra with content and copy, including social media campaigns, SEO campaigns, sales and marketing collateral, and more.

And we’ve been delighted to share in the joy as Ezra gains funding, adds powerful healthcare partners, enrolls satisfied new members (with at least one life-saving early diagnosis already noted—and gathering creds), and achieves plenty of well-deserved momentum. We’re so proud of this amazing company—and we can’t wait to continue supporting their vision.

If you’d like to read more, go to Ezra.AI.

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