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As an independent, fee-only advisory firm, Evans Wealth Management has a unique competitive advantage. Driven by relationships and client goals, rather than corporate sales goals, Sam Evans’ clients receive objective financial guidance and proactive wealth management services–without high-pressure sales tactics and conflicts of interest.

Copywriting Challenge

Evans Wealth Management noticed it had a leg up on many other advisory firms in the Atlanta area, but it needed to find a way to express the true benefits of conflict-free financial guidance. After reaching out to MarketSmiths, it was time to determine precisely how to communicate this concept in a bold, tangible way.


Combined with a revamped design, Evans Wealth Management’s new site establishes trust and credibility–with a family focus that keeps the firm’s priorities clear. The new copy is confident and engaging, using a healthy blend of emotion and reason to appeal to forward-thinking individuals. By humanizing Evans’ content, we helped the firm capture its mission, passion, and strongest selling point.


You Point, We’ll Drive

Your long-term success is the destination, your money the vehicle.

At Evans Wealth Management, we approach our relationship differently. By understanding your story, aspirations, and preferences, we identify opportunities you may not see for yourself, agree on a way forward, and keep you on track, making changes when necessary along the way. Acting in your family’s best interests, we empower you to pursue your short- and long-term financial goals on your own terms.

We’re not just another financial advisory firm. We’re a new breed–one whose services will never leave you wondering if your account is a priority.

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