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Fist to Five Advisors


Fist to Five Advisors, a group of forward-thinking consultants at a major accounting firm, was seeking to bring an ideology to life. Their creed? When nonprofits act like for-profits and vice versa, society flourishes.

Copywriting Challenge

What Fist to Five had in heartfelt passion, they lacked in clear mission and branding. MarketSmiths stepped in to morph a collection of great ideas into a clear, identifiable, and inspiring movement with pointed and inspiring copywriting.


MarketSmiths’ web copy not only communicates Fist to Five’s mission with crystal clarity, but gives it a recognizable name in a relevant context. Our writing and strategy helped this protocol form its identity—and take flight. We can’t wait to see it sweep the nation.


Fist to Five Advisors harnesses the power of consensus to enact change, achieve alignment, and assure vitality into the long term. By facilitating meaningful, cooperative discussion, we strive to achieve organizational efficiency and Social Sustainability—moving nonprofits toward diverse business models and for-profits towards social consciousness.

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