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The Synopsis

In envisioning her innovative NYC café and market, Nicole Ahronee recalled to the lively public marketplaces of her Mediterranean childhood. Gastronomie491 is a welcoming, evocative space where one can peruse hand-made croissants, sample Richart chocolates from white-gloved servers, or sit and feast on the rotisserie chicken-of-the-day.

The Copywriting Challenge

Our copywriters began working with Nicole and the marketing team while the space was still under construction. As with any new business, Nicole’s vision was subject to honing and refinement. Our copywriters created website and collateral marketing copy, remaining flexible and sensitive to concept adjustments.

The Solution

The Gastronomie491 web copy communicates the lively energy and lusciousness of an outdoor market—with a sophisticated, New York City twist.

  • On the “What’s New” page, our copywriters made tangible the jewel-like richness of Richard chocolates, and that slowly-beginning-to-stir feeling found in a cup fresh Illy espresso.
  • The “Home” and “About” pages describe Gastronomie491 dishes and specialty items in juicy, delicious detail.
  • The team bios are brief, punchy, and infused with Nicole and executive chef Steven Gutterman’s deep love of food.
  • Our copywriters wrote headnotes for 17 different recipes, each more tantalizing than the last.

The final web copy makes our mouths water.

Web design by Marvin Berk, West Group Communications.


Chocolate and macaron lovers have a new Mecca in New York City. Richart is back: exclusively at Gastronomie 491. Even in Paris, Richart is a rare storefront, and one that’s regarded with awe. Why? The French chocolatier’s tiny, refined squares are exquisitely balanced. They’re made with Venezuelan cocoa – the world’s finest. Richart is known for its ballotins: jewel boxes containing 16, or 49 tiny pieces of decadently filled chocolate. We also sell Richart’s silky macarons – flown in straight from Paris. Flavors include pistachio, salted butter caramel, almond-coffee and gingerbread. As in France, Gastronomie 491’s clerks handle the delicate treats with gloves and loving care.

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Digital by MadPipe. Photography by Chellise Michael.

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