Through a partnership with another healthcare advertising agency, MarketSmiths was tasked with writing copy for Genoptix: a U.S. based hematopathology center and a leading clinical oncology laboratory. We were tasked with translating its dense, high-level scientific jargon into concise, engaging,

Genoptix sought intelligent, yet accessible copy that its readership of oncologists, hospital administrators, and patients could access and learn from.

B2B Website & Digital Copy


Oncologists nationwide rely on Genoptix for definitive cancer diagnostics. A Novartis company, Genoptix tests offer more precise results and fewer false negatives than traditional ones.

Copywriting Challenge

Genoptix hired healthcare advertising agency Audacity Health to reinvent its digital image. The agency enlisted our healthcare copywriters to translate dense science in clear, engaging language for three distinct audiences: oncologists, hospital administrators, and patients.


Our healthcare copywriters partnered with Audacity to write a scientific website with human appeal. First, we identified the appropriate tone, summed up by Genoptix’s new tagline: Demand Definite Answers. Then, we linguistically simplified Genoptix’s processes, varying our approach for each audience on a need-to-know basis. Clear and emphatic, the final copy leaves doctors and patients alike feeling confident, empowered, and ready to act.



At Genoptix, we specialize in oncology diagnostics and informatics services. As one of the largest hematopathology centers in the U.S., we provide community oncologists and pathologists with comprehensive testing solutions in hematology and solid tumor molecular profiling. With reliable and clinically actionable reports, we empower clinicians to make more informed decisions and provide better patient care.

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