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When film publicist Saudia Davis lost her grandmother, a housekeeper, to cancer, she left her job and started Greenhouse Eco Cleaning. This NYC-based company hires its cleaners as employees (an industry rarity), cultivates their personal growth (an extreme rarity), and uses only natural, eco-friendly substances to clean homes and offices.

Copywriting Challenge

With the newfound popularity of “green,” GEC soon found itself on the leading edge of an eco-friendly cleaning wave. Ordinary NYC cleaning companies were playing progressive copycat–and offering an eco-cleaning option. Our challenge was to differentiate GEC as a true pioneer–one with a more meaningful investment in both its people and the environment.


Our words imbue GEC’s new website copy with a deeper sense of purpose. Far beyond what the company does, it explains something far more crucial: WHY. In doing so, Davis’ mission comes alive. See for yourself!


It all started when Saudia’s grandmother lost her battle to cancer. A housekeeper from the West Indies, she had inhaled toxic cleaning fumes for decades. Saudia’s family speculated – with plenty of evidence – that these chemicals had made her sick. Saudia (a former film publicist) was stricken with grief. She wanted her grandmother’s death to carry meaning.

In 2006, GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning was born.

What The Client Said…

I founded Greenhouse Eco-Cleaning with a personal objective: to offer a better quality of life for residential and commercial cleaners–in conjunction with providing high-quality eco-cleaning services for our clientele. I’m biased, but in addition to being original when we started, our company really is a cut above, based on our service levels, our quality checkpoints, our extreme customization, our 100% staff engagement, and our new products line. I needed website copy that made each distinction–without being wordy, overblown, or pushy.

That’s when I found MarketSmiths and Jean. Her website copywriters are top-notch. They bring similar qualities to their mission: customized messaging, high quality copy, an original, heartfelt mission. Jean and her team were able to convey our message beautifully, and show off the community that we’ve built with the ideal amount of nuance, class, and vividness. We couldn’t be happier with our website copy. Bravo!”

–Saudia Davis, founder, Greenhouse Eco-Cleaning

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