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A software company specializing in healthcare for over 15 years, Arches Technology recently refined its target audience, productized its solutions, and released new offerings. With all these internal changes, the team sought a revamped website to reflect the revitalized brand.

Copywriting Challenge

The new site needed clearly and concisely introduce the company’s complex products to technical and non-technical readers alike. Beyond explication, Arches wanted the website copy to convey its warm, mission-driven brand.


After in-depth interviews with the company’s principals, MarketSmiths crafted sleek, engaging website copy that allows readers to understand Arches at a glance, while inviting them to reach out and learn more. The clean, clipped writing style embodies the company’s friendly, health-focused brand and adds a human element to tech-centric offerings.


Healthcare is complex. We help simplify it with technology that makes it easier to engage, connect, and communicate.

While our products speak for themselves, we’re always here to provide a helping hand. From analyzing data for actionable insights to developing compelling content that achieves your goals, Arches is more than a platform provider—we’re a true partner.

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