Sotheby’s International Real Estate

Sotheby's International Real Estate (SIR) markets property with luxury and class. To celebrate its accomplishments, it sought MarketSmiths to write a 40th anniversary advertorial that would encapsulate the real estate company's success. Our writers crafted a narrative that focused on luxury, new Upper East Side management, and other remarkable solutions that drive SIR forward.

Sotheby's International Real Estate needed copy that would make its advertorial memorable.


Perhaps the most prestigious name in international real estate harks back to a lauded 270-year-old auction house. Now under independent ownership, Sotheby’s International Real Estate (SIR) is home to some of the biggest luminaries in the business.

Content Writing Challenge

SIR turned to MarketSmiths to write a commemorative 40th anniversary advertorial for a glossy New York City publication. There was a lot to talk about, making it difficult to choose among the success of the franchise, the latest marketing technology, the championing of talent.


Together with our client, we settled on a four-pronged focus: record-breaking luxury, new Upper East Side management, 3D touring capabilities (first to market, at the time), and the decades-old cycle of cultivation from newcomer to star. SIR liked the finished advertorial so much that it gave its top executive the final byline.


Once newcomers, brokers such as Leila Stone, Roberta Golubock, Serena Boardman have made decades-long careers here. They set price records, then topped them, driving New York City real estate to unheard-of levels.

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