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The Synopsis

ioby (“in our backyards”) needed a new website that was fun, easy to grasp, and as big as the company vision: to improve New York City block by block.

The Copywriting Challenge

1. Think environmentalism, and you either think: a) “lost causes” championed by “beatnik romantics,” or b) “green” products (soap! toilet paper!). We wanted people to know that they could make a real difference.

2. We needed to yank “environmentalism” out of its white, upper-middle-class demographic…and reclaim the concept for all city dwellers.

3. ioby has plenty of volunteers. But what they need most is micro-donations given by everyday people.

The Solution

ioby’s new website copy is playful—and it means business.

  • The new “manifesto” is hopeful and non-preachy.
  • Readers are guided to donate: simply and cleanly.
  • Behind the scenes, our “taxonomy” and “style guidelines” clarify confusing terms: for founders, employees, and readers.
  • We replace “cleaner” and “greener” with race- and class-neutral words like “fresh food, open space, sunlight, and greenery.”


Climate change. Toxic landfills. Shrinking parks—and wildlife.

You care about these things, and you want to pitch in. So you recycle, buy local and use only ‘green’ products. You’re doing your part for the environment. Right?

Sure. Recycling and buying local or green are great. But if you want change that goes deeper—change you can really invest in—what about starting in our backyard?

Welcome to ioby. Together, we represent a new face for change—one that’s hopeful, positive…and visible.

What the Client Said…

There’s not much more you can ask of a copywriter. Her style is tight, crisp, to the point, and at the same time, illustrative. I was a writer myself. I did ghostwriting, freelance reporting and I was an editor at Men’s Journal, but when it came to writing about ioby, the organization I co-founded, I was at a total loss. I couldn’t muster an outside perspective. So we hired Jean at MarketSmiths, and she killed it. She’s great with deadlines, stays on task (even when her client forgets!), is most certainly an expert in her field–boasting articles in all kinds of major publications (like The NY Times), and is super wonderful to work with. She’s kind and warm and pleasant to be around.”

–Erin Barnes, co-founder

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