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Amidst family tension, a whirl of vendors, and a moving timeline target, wedding planner José Rolón is calm and Zenlike.

Copywriting Challenge

At the heart, wedding planners share similar functions: coordinating, budgeting, vendor wrangling, and scheduling. To get José to stand out, we needed to discover his edge—then highlight it in a way that’s heartfelt and inspirational.


Our copywriters evoked José’s comforting presence as follows:

  1. We crafted a brief homepage that summons the serene rhythm of a José Rolón wedding.
  2. We wove José’s particular skillsets into a clear and tangible bulleted list.
  3. We brought José’s thoughtfulness to the forefront, and made it palpable with details such as, “Instead of channeling a drill sergeant, José first asks, ‘what can I do to help?’”

José’s new site glimmers with warmth, clarity and calm.


The best weddings cast an air of celebration, of thrill, of beginning. They throw a loving spotlight on the couple, and those closest to them. What these weddings don’t project: stress, chaos, or egos gone wild.

To ensure joy over chaos, hire us. We instill your wedding with its own perfect rhythm, while quietly resolving unforseen pressure points. As a result, you are free to bask in the biggest day of your life.

What The Client Said…

You guys just get it! Right off the bat, the MarketSmiths team draws the reader (and me) in with creative, engaging language. I heard from other happy clients that Jean would be able to capture what I’m about, but I’m still totally blown away by the final product. In what felt like no time at all, Jean and her team were able to absorb my mission, understand it, and capture it in words. The final copy is surprising and unique, while remaining true to who I am.”


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