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Our Client

Have you ever seen how light—simply light—can sculpt, frame, and alter any object? If you have, you’ve witnessed the minor adjustments that can warm up a kitchen, brighten a human complexion, even intensify a painting.

Breakthrough innovations marry art to science—and that’s certainly the case for Ketra’s advanced LED lighting technology. Owned by Lutron®, the company’s revolutionary natural lighting system illuminates built spaces in a way that’s healthy and astonishing—and offers lighting designers and interior architects unprecedented flexibility and control.

Our Challenge

To tackle product pages, blog posts, educational content, and case studies, our challenge was clear. How do you educate visitors on the technical aspects of the light (the science), while also inspiring them with its creative potential (the art)? First, we needed to learn all about white light and color temperature. We soaked up knowledge from Ketra’s SMEs, then collaborated with company stakeholders to get the right information across—and strike the ideal tone.

The Results

From stirring headlines to engaging, informative body copy, pages we’ve copywritten sit proudly on the Ketra website—with more on the way. We are proud to work with such a groundbreaking company, and spread the word about their game-changing product to the world.

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