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The Synopsis

At first glance, Daniel Kuncio might seem like any other orthodontist. He harnesses dental appliances (i.e. braces) to help people look better—while decreasing the long-term health risks that come from misaligned teeth and jaws. But Dr. Kuncio is both astoundingly experienced and amazingly passionate, as evidenced by his extensive teaching, writing, research, and travels–all for the love of dentistry and orthodontics.

The Copywriting Challenge

Our wellness copywriters had a lot of ground to cover. Dr. Kuncio’s website copy had to address a broad range of treatment options—and convey his passion—without being pushy or overwhelming.

The Result

With “delete” machetes, our copywriters removed large, unwieldy swaths of medical information, filing new copy into absorbable chunks.

  • The new home page is lean—capturing the essence of Kuncio Orthodontics in fewer than 150 words.
  • Dr. Kuncio’s bio presents the entire package—without becoming a rote list of achievements. Also, we channel the doctor’s voice: patient and enthusiastic, insistent but kind.
  • Our healthcare copywriters re-organized the About Orthodontics pages and Treatments pages, giving sub-categories such as Adult Orthodontics and Early Orthodontic Treatments their necessary due.
  • We eliminated extraneous pages entirely—a fact that wouldn’t have been obvious after superficial investigation or cookie-cutter questionnaire.

The resulting copy sparkles like a patient’s newfound smile.


A smile can be—literally—built to dazzle. It can look friendly and welcoming, with even teeth and a perfect jaw. A smile like that packs huge cosmetic and social advantages—allowing you (or your child) to sail through life: attracting people, gaining confidence, and spreading effortless joy.

But a dazzling smile is only a side benefit to truly exceptional orthodontic work. The reality is this: if you leave your (or your child’s) teeth and/or jaws out of line, you’re restricting his/her quality of life, including clean and healthy teeth and gums, and proper digestion and breathing.

You can eliminate these risks from your (or your child’s) life forever—and get a beautiful and natural makeover, too.

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