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A trailblazer in the fast-moving world of queue management, California-based Lavi Industries offers both equipment and technology to support state-of-the art queueing, crowd control, and appointment management. Having discovered MarketSmiths through an organic Google search, Lavi initially hired our agency in 2015 for a website relaunch. Since then, we’ve helped reposition Lavi from industry hardware provider to digital / tech leader, giving rise to a partnership that generates content marketing everywhere along the sales funnel: B2B case studies, blog posts, press releases, and other copy.

Lavi Industries provides advanced queuing and scheduling solutions for companies of all backgrounds.
Lavi Industries provides advanced queuing and scheduling solutions for companies of all backgrounds.


“I really wanted us to make a big impression."

Remember the last time you waited for a table in a restaurant, or stood in line at an electronics store or the DMV? If your experience was efficient and delightful, it may well have been supported by Lavi.

For over four decades, Lavi has crafted premium queue solutions, railing systems, and signage across a wide range of industries. Its many products—which include stanchions and barriers, queue buzzers and digital signage, display tools, and store fixtures—enable organizations of all sectors to offer a streamlined and enjoyable customer experience. Its latest digital offering—Qtrac, a cloud-based queuing and scheduling platform—eliminates lines, simplifies occupancy and crowd management, and personalizes real-time customer engagement.

Lavi’s brand journey with MarketSmiths began with a single task: a complete overhaul of the website. For decades, Lavi was a hardware company; as its offerings grew increasingly technical, the company realized that its site was becoming obsolete. A “reset” over a “refresh,” the new copy needed to explain complex queuing terms—without intimidating anyone uninitiated. 

Perry Kuklin, Lavi’s Director of Marketing and New Business Development, was charged with relaunching 18 key landing pages—a challenge he felt personally invested in. 

“I really wanted us to make a big impression,” he explains. “The tone and writing had to fit, and I really needed the website to stay true to the brand.”

“Every time I work with MarketSmiths, it’s like a breath of fresh air.”

— Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing and New Business Development, Lavi Industries


“[Other writers] just didn’t have the talent level or understanding necessary for the project.”

Prior to tapping MarketSmiths, Lavi had worked with marketing agencies and other vendors on blog posts and longform marketing guides. But the website, Perry realized, would be a different challenge—one that required copywriters to convert matter-of-fact B2B verbiage into lively blurbs, punchy blocks, and actionable CTAs. 

“We found other writers effective when it came to niche writing, but my gut feeling told me they weren’t the right fit for the website,” he says. “I just didn’t feel that they had the talent level or understanding necessary for the project.”

Lavi Industries provides advanced queuing and scheduling solutions for companies of all backgrounds.
Lavi Industries provides advanced queuing and scheduling solutions for companies of all backgrounds.

Shared Success

“MarketSmiths takes our successes and turns them into meaningful stories.”

After an extensive search for website copywriters, Perry and the team decided on MarketSmiths. Their choice paid off: the website refresh, with new copy, demonstrated Lavi’s modern industry expertise and digital acumen in a crisp and punchy way, instantly sharpening the company’s identity and boosting brand reach. 

Following the success of the new site, Lavi turned to MarketSmiths for assistance with site copy for Qtrac. 

“I knew MarketSmiths was the agency for this [next] project,” Perry says. “They’ve been very adept at understanding complex issues, and breaking them down into simple, easy-to-understand points.”

With our help, Lavi proved to the world that it was no longer an equipment business, but an industry leader in digital queuing technology. Together, these web projects set the stage for evolution: while the main website spotlighted the company’s growing range and flexibility, the Qtrac project honed in on the software’s use cases, competitive advantages, and long-term potential.

From there, our partnership bloomed. Over the years, we’ve assisted Lavi by strategically copywriting crucial blog posts, case studies, and press releases. 

In 2021, Lavi worked with Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to design and implement a COVID-compliant queueing strategy. The numbers speak volumes: with our B2B copywriting, the DFW case study has been downloaded nearly 300 times, making it Lavi’s third-most-downloaded asset in 40+ years. 

“That case study draws interest and people to our site,” Perry explains. “It has a long shelf life and certainly contributes to our SEO and search marketing success.”

Beyond our capability and consistency, Perry explains, our ability to tell powerful and unique stories sets us apart. “MarketSmiths takes our successes and turns them into meaningful stories. They transform disparate, intricate concepts into interesting, valuable narratives.”

“Case studies can sound the same, especially if they’re always about the same product,” he continues. “By reading one, you’ll understand how some system solves a very specific problem. By reading all 12, you’ll have a very well-rounded idea of how deep and complex this software is. The sum is even greater than the individual pieces, and MarketSmiths really gets that across.”

MarketSmiths also breathes new life into existing assets. “Every project has been successful. After MarketSmiths rewrites old articles, we see higher traffic and lower bounce rates,” Perry says.

Consider two blog posts we didn’t originally write, which weren’t performing well. Despite universal topics and high traffic, the bounce rate for each original piece—around 89%—meant one disappointing thing: humans weren’t reading. 

Luckily, we knew exactly what the posts needed: namely, a complete overhaul, with more meaningful development of their theses. After we revamped and rewrote the two published posts (here and here), Lavi saw immediate improvement. After a month, the bounce rate fell to 65%, the number of pages viewers looked at after reading the article doubled, and website traffic tripled.

Choosing to partner with MarketSmiths proved tremendously effective for Lavi Industries. “Every time I work with MarketSmiths, it’s like a breath of fresh air,” Perry says. “They always just get it.”

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