Panasonic's Enterprise Solutions Company partnered with Room 214, a Boulder-based agency, for its consulting and implementation needs. Then, MarketSmiths jumped in to work its content strategy that would help generate new leads, nurture and retain current leads, and position Panasonic as a thought leader. In the end, the client was happy—and renewed the agency's engagement.

Through a variety of materials, MarketSmiths was able to navigate and excel in Panasonic's content strategy.

The Challenge

Panasonic’s Enterprise Solutions Company (PESCO) hired Room 214, a Boulder-based agency, to provide Marketo consulting and implementation. The engagement leverages content to generate new leads, nurture and score existing leads, and position Panasonic as a thought leader. Room 214 worked with PESCO to outline their content strategy, develop monthly briefs, and create bi-weekly newsletters and a quarterly lead-gen campaign. Then, it turned to the content need–and hired MarketSmiths.

The Solution

In the words of Jen Casson, Director of Creative Services at Room 214:
“In the past, we worked with freelance copywriters. We had a few trusted freelancers but…the good ones…often weren’t available when we needed them. For an ongoing engagement like Panasonic, we needed a reliable long-term resource, so using freelancers wasn’t really an option.
We needed a content writer that could quickly come up to speed on our client’s industry and technology (which is complex), was professional enough to interact with our client, and could then turn around a well-written and engaging story [that] hits on key messages. We liked that MarketSmiths’ writers have a journalism/editorial background – those skills are important for them to perform background research on a topic before interviewing subject matter experts. Having an experienced editor QC’ing the work before it comes to us is also very valuable and saves us a lot of time. Balancing the quality of MarketSmiths’ work with the cost of taking this work in-house, it just made a lot of sense to bring MarketSmiths on board.
We love working with MarketSmiths – they’ve exceeded our expectations, are easy to work with, and have been a great partner on our engagement with Panasonic. They produce consistently high-quality content that is both well-written and hits on the key messages we’re looking for. They’ve offered up suggestions and ideas for new content pieces to help support our content marketing objectives and campaigns.
They’ve been easy to schedule phone interviews with and turnaround work on schedule. They’ve also been very flexible as schedules and topics change, which is much appreciated. We trust Jean, Greg, and Max, and value their opinions and suggestions. Panasonic has been very pleased. Overall, the experience has been fantastic.
There’s been a buzz within a division around the work we’ve been doing – people are excited to see the investment in content and even more excited about the articles…highlighting their expertise and hard work. The quarterly campaign we did for them — a Video & Audio Buyer’s Guide (ebook) — was also very well received, with other departments saying ‘we need something like that!’
Pairing Room 214’s strategy and design work with MarketSmith’s content and copywriting expertise has allowed us to build and refine an ongoing content marketing program. The best indicator of Panasonic’s satisfaction…is that they signed on for a 12-month retainer following our initial test engagement.”

The Result

Easy content management, a happy customer, and renewal of the agency’s engagement–from test project to 12-month retainer.

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