front cover of the productivity ebook that marketsmiths wrote for our client linkedin


Our Client

With the ability to display millions of job ads to its own world-largest professional membership base, LinkedIn is a powerfully effective talent recruitment engine. When the software juggernaut needed a consistent stream of high-quality content to fuel growth, they turned to MarketSmiths to write it. 

Our Challenge 

By the time LinkedIn tapped MarketSmiths to write ebooks and other gated lead magnets, we’d been working with their Talent Solutions team for 3+ years—and had a strong handle on both the subject matter and the brand’s unique voice and viewpoints. We worked rapidly to get more copywriting team members up to speed, so that we could scale our team’s knowledge base—and meet the company’s growth acquisition needs. 

Our Shared Success

In 2018, we hit the ground running: writing content designed to raise search rankings and improve SEO. In 2019, we began to write ebooks, landing pages, email campaigns, banner ads, and guidebooks for an array of recruiting-related functions. 

We focused on adding real value for recruiters—and crisply differentiating LinkedIn’s positioning as the top professional network, not a job board or ATS (applicant tracking system). With qualified visitors clicking through gated pages to download valuable content, we supported the creation of a high-powered lead delivery engine.

Check out some of our work: 

50 Productivity Hacks Essential For Hiring

one page from the productivity hacks ebook that marketsmiths wrote for linkedin

Tapping into tomorrow’s talent: How to build a successful internship program – and why it’s worthwhile

image of a page in the internship ebook marketsmiths wrote for our client linkedin

Tackling employee retention: The manager’s toolkit

marketsmiths linkedin retention ebook

Leading the way: How top leaders leverage their skills to hire and retain winning teams

page from the leadership ebook that marketsmiths created for our client linkedin

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