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All of the residential spaces built or renovated by LMA Group have one thing in common: they exude a sense of ease and luxury. These townhouses, terraces, rooftops, lobbies, and 2-or-more combined apartments are the result of unusually collaborative owner-contractor relationships. Unlike many contractors that work alongside architects, the team at LMA takes its time to build rapport, to imagine, and to innovate.

Copywriting Challenge

Our copywriters needed to capture that dedication to quality, luxury, and detail—while allowing images to take the forefront.


Despite clear luxury and quality, the new LMA Group website copy brings relationship to the forefront, leaving the rest implicit copywriters:

  • Showcased all photography succinctly and appropriately.
  • Restructured the “About Us” page around the theme of relationship, providing a branded—and thoughtful—interpretation of the LMA Group portfolio.
  • Showcased the depth of professional experience through key team bios.
  • Wrote ultra-brief, juicy project descriptions, capturing the essence of past LMA Group projects.

LMA Group’s new website is confident, effortless, and intimate—just like the company’s client relationships.


When you look at these apartments, what comes to mind?

For most people, they’re meticulous. Superbly constructed. True NYC showpieces.

When we look at them, we see one primary thing. A relationship.

In a city full of residential contractors, that’s one of the things what sets us apart.

To us, the pride of being a contractor isn’t in driving the lowest price. It’s in doing what it takes to cultivate longstanding interactions with our clients, architects, sub-contractors, vendors, city agencies, our staff, and even infamous New York City condo / coop boards (since we work exclusively in NYC, we have seen our fair share of rules).

What The Client Said…

Knowing we wanted to completely redo our website, we went directly to Jean and MarketSmiths for their help. As general contractors, we wanted our site to be informative, yet also easy and interesting to read without too much detail to get in the way. We were concerned at first that someone might not know how to write about the construction industry without having worked in it, but Jean and her team well exceeded our expectations. They wrote amazing copy to make our site exactly what we wanted it to be and we will continue to work with them on our projects moving forward!”

-Melissa Gerard, VP, LMA Group

If you’d like to read more, go to lmagroupinc.com.

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