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Longevity Consulting

Our Client

Thriving and growing, Longevity Consulting is a DC-based firm, 50 people strong. With roots in IT staffing and a clientele steeped in high-power regional and federal agencies, Longevity recently expanded its vision to offer—and indeed to own—the strategic side of the equation: technology solutions that work. Clearly, they needed a website to announce the new direction, and to offer powerful services now on their roster.

Our Challenge

How do you write website copy for a service model that’s continuing (excitingly) to evolve and expand? How do you channel the ideas of a leadership team that’s passionate—and full of lively, occasionally clashing opinions (happens to the best of us)? How do you capture the benefits of your client’s services, and use them to paint a picture that’s solidly anchored in experience and expertise, but driven to explore the furthest reaches of what’s possible?

The Result

Working with Longevity’s C-suite, we started out writing a portion of their new website. As the copy began to take shape, the leadership team got very excited—and was inspired to expand the scope of our work. We were able to quickly demonstrate our strongest differentiator: copy whose first objective is not to articulate, but to illustrate. Our proof points? That government agencies are staffed by people, too—and that people make decisions with their gut, not their heads. Copywriting for humans would pay off—and our client could absolutely see that.

Ultimately, and with facilitation by Longevity’s uber-talented program management team, we wrote all services pages, a large handful of case studies, and a white paper about the rise of artificial intelligence in government. We also revamped leadership bios to showcase the wealth of credibility and expertise on the executive team. We listened, then did the hard(er) work of interpreting and strategizing into the reader’s language. And now, Longevity has a site designed to capture unwavering attention and interest for the right services.

The words are ours—the design is not.

If you’d like to read more pages on this website, go to LongevityConsulting.com

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