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Manhattan Concrete Design represents the upper echelon of concrete floor services. The NYC-based company leverages flawless systems, high-end equipment, impeccable service, and decade-long experience into consistently stunning results.

The Copywriting Challenge

The copy for MDC’s old website was (pun intended!) pretty concrete. Like a dull floor, MDC’s copy needed MarketSmith’s buffing and polishing before it would really gleam.

The Solution

Leaving the structure of the MCD website more or less alone, our copywriters wrote copy pulsing with activity and vivid imagery. We:

  • Emphasized the beauty and versatility of concrete floors with phrases like “oceans of color,” “a canvas for custom designs,” and “It can gleam, show texture, or reflect light, like a smooth lake.”
  • Pruned excess verbiage and inserted more active verbs and verb tenses, for example: “repair, resurface, grind, polish, stain, and otherwise perfect.”
  • Reorganized the “Services” heading into three distinct categories of services for easier navigability.
  • Wrote a brief, potent bio on founder Matthew Koerner.
  • Added FAQs for quick reference about specific issues and concerns.

Now, MCDNYC’s copy shines a whole lot brighter than your run of the mill granite. (By the way, the old site is still up. Some habits just die hard.)


When done right, a concrete or epoxy floor can be amazing. It can gleam, show texture, or reflect light, like a smooth lake. It can act like a floor mural, say for your company logo—or a breathtaking scene from nature. And it’s green, protected, and waterproof.

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Digital by MadPipe. Photography by Chellise Michael.

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