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The Synopsis

MJ Executive Search is a boutique recruiter that performs magic tricks. The firm’s headhunters have plucked marketing executives from one vertical—and plunked them into another. They’ve matched unusual skill sets to unlikely roles. They’ve sold jobs that have never before existed—and were all but impossible to explain.

The Blog Writing Challenge

Helpfully, MJ Executive Search hired us first to rewrite a few pages on its website. The opportunity to write website copy always informs a new blog: in this case, it allowed us to learn, and later leverage, our new client’s crucial core values.

The Result

The weekly blog caters strictly to employers (MJS’ clients). Each week, our copywriters spin a philosophy, viewpoint, announcement, controversy, or skill set into 250 magical words:

The ongoing posts have built a steady following—and increased the website’s viewership by 300%.


Acquiring senior-level recruits might feel like a transaction: you pinpoint a candidate, make an offer, negotiate the deal, and close. If so, it’s a transaction on the most human possible level. For that reason, you’ve got to create comfort—or risk losing your most desirable candidate. (Even if you don’t extend an offer: it’s great PR for your organization.)

As a retained executive search firm, we are constantly cultivating the fine art of courtship.

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