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Our Client

The largest transportation network in North America, New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), serves 15.3 million people. Many of these are commuters that spend far too much time losing MetroCards or re-swiping their cards before the subway doors close. 

Our Challenge 

Eager to ease travel and move away from the MetroCard system, the MTA resolved to “fast forward” technological progress in New York City. 

The first step in their corporate modernization plan? Introducing OMNY: a contactless payment program designed to phase out physical MetroCards by 2023. The challenge was clear—how could the MTA raise awareness about their new tap-and-pay technology? 

Thanks to Reflexions, an extraordinary design / dev agency that we love to work with, MarketSmiths hopped on board.

Our Shared Success

OMNY launched on May 31, 2019, with web copy inviting riders to “say hello to tap and go.” Since then, over one million people have already tapped into the subway using MTA’s new technology. “OMNY is designed to save New Yorkers their most precious commodity: their time,” said Pat Foye, the chairman of the MTA. As commuters and copywriters alike, we’re incredibly proud to have helped guide riders on the route to modernization.

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