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New Jersey real estate developer, Panco Management sought to launch a marketing site that spotlighted all of its community's highlights—including its series of acquisitions in 2017. MarketSmiths was tasked with writing nine websites that aligned with Panco Management's brand. With extensive market research and commitment to creativity, we delivered content that would elevate features, articulated amenities, and increase readers' expectations.

Through MarketSmith's superb copywriting, Panco Management was able to demonstrate its brand to residents seeking property that felt like home.


When a New Jersey real estate developer acquires a new rental asset, one of its top priorities is launching a marketing site that showcases the community’s highlights–and is aligned with the developer’s growing brand. In spring and summer 2017, the developer made a string of acquisitions–and asked MarketSmiths to write first one website…then all nine.

Copywriting Challenge

The challenge was in adding new insights to properties with similar layouts and amenities. How would we keep our descriptions fresh, crisp, and differentiated?

We talked to our client and performed intensive market research–and then just dug into our natural creativity. We flaunted features, articulated amenities, elevated expectations. Delving into the mind of the potential renter, we brought their desires to life, in distinct detail.


We assigned the same copywriter to all projects–and the results were superb. Fresh content and razor-sharp messaging deftly targets those looking for a comfortable commute and community, making new websites like this something that elicits a feeling of home.

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