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Educational software company LoudCloud builds software that focuses on four key areas— Learning Analytics, Competency Based Education, Learning Management, and Next Generation Learning Materials—in order to address key challenges facing higher education and K-12 institutions. Newly acquired by Barnes & Noble Education, they sought to revamp their website—aiming for clear, concise, and benefit-focused copy.

Copywriting Challenge

With only two weeks until the site went live, LoudCloud was looking for a copywriting agency that could align the vision of multiple stakeholders, define the brand voice, and generate copy that clearly introduce the company’s offerings.


After conducting an in-depth content strategy session, MarketSmiths helped LoudCloud identify key benefits and pain points (some even unknown to the company’s stakeholders). They then processed this information into concise, powerful, reader-focused copy in order to maximize impact and encourage leads to learn more about their comprehensive offerings. Launched in Spring of 2017, LoudCloud’s new site is a clear representation of the company’s mission—to build software that improves learning.



LoudCloud builds software that improves learning.

Helping students succeed takes work. Are your students, faculty, and advisors equipped with the right tools? At LoudCloud, we build software that helps colleges and universities deliver personalized learning and support to their students. We improve communication channels, extract useful data, and drive positive student outcomes.

What the Client Says

“The process of working with you to define brand voice and tone forced us to align five stakeholders [no small feat]. Your exploratory session surfaced some product benefits that my team hadn’t talked about [in a while]. You did a quick turnaround with a few iterative cycles, and then we handed it off to the dev team and went live. [After just two weeks], feedback from clients has already been good. Because each page contains such clear pain points, we are alsogetting immediate feedback from [leads] about what they are interested in learning more about.”

–Sean O’Connor, Product Marketing Manager, Barnes & Noble Education LoudCloud

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