Norman Bobrow

For over four decades, Normon Bobrow established itself as a reliable leader in New York's commercial real estate market. Its goal was to create website copy that would inspire viewers and drive impactful action. MarketSmiths delivered writing that was inspirational, passionate, and full of personality, giving its website "the feel it's needed for so long."

Norman Bobrow needed fresh website copy that would spark inspiration and drive impactful action.

Our Client

Fierce advocacy. Hard-won relationships. An unshakable reputation. These are the hallmarks that have made Norman Bobrow & Company Inc. a trusted name in NYC commercial real estate leasing. 

For 40 years, Norman Bobrow has been fighting the good fight—now, with a website that lives up to their work.

Our Challenge 

Advocates. Advisers. Authorities. In an ever-changing city, Norman Bobrow is steadfast in its mission to help commercial tenants secure the best space—for the best price. Over four decades, they’ve established themselves as a trusted leader in New York’s commercial real estate market—and now, they wanted their website to reflect this well-earned title.

Our goal was clear: write web copy that elicits emotion and inspires action. How, we asked, does it feel to have Norman Bobrow on your side

Our Shared Success

Captivating and concrete, the resulting website copy speaks for itself. It conveys passion, perseverance, and personality—giving their website “the feel it’s needed for so long,” in the client’s words. It provides unequivocal proof of what it takes to be the top commercial tenant’s rep for mid-sized businesses in New York City. 

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