As one of the largest manufacturers of queue management products in North America, Lavi Industries helps clients design a better customer experience. From retail stores to hospitals to hotels, Lavi’s products and technology solutions create operational efficiencies, cut costs, and delight guests–generating higher ROI for clients.

Copywriting Challenge

In the midst of relaunching its site, Lavi sought a compelling, consistent voice to reflect the business it had evolved into over the past decade. To generate more leads, the company wanted to position itself as a thought leader and reinforce its immense selection of public guidance solutions.


MarketSmiths crafted a compelling story across various key areas of the site, focusing on the home page, solution silos, and industry subpages. By weaving in Lavi’s mission and values, we created a powerful, cohesive message directed toward potential clients in all industries, highlighting the specific benefits that spoke to their most urgent wants and needs.


You want to optimize customer flow and capitalize on ROI-boosting opportunities. We’re the partner that helps you achieve both.

For over 35 years, Lavi has provided comprehensive, agile ways to move and track people in, through, and out of your store or facility. As seasoned problem solvers, we understand your most critical issues and tailor solutions that fit your space and customers. Elegant railing products help establish the atmosphere you want. Queue management tools create operational efficiencies and enrich customer experience. Store fixtures and crowd control solutions make the customer journey seamless, and leverage attention to increase your bottom line. With a holistic approach, we design and implement all-in- one public guidance solutions.

What the Client Says

“You have brought me to tears! Thanks for the incredible job in giving our company a voice. Looking forward to working with you again.”

-Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing & Business Development of Lavi Industries

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