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Redcape is an investment advisory firm that helps clients trade managed futures and options.  The independent brokerage served clients with razor-sharp strategy, strong infrastructure, and access to myriad trading platforms—but their website copy was confusing, unfocused, and understated. Then they came to MarketSmiths.

Copywriting Challenge

As with much financial copywriting, Redcape needed to walk the line between regulatory compliance and flat, jargon-filled writing. Its web copy also needed to appeal to both seasoned traders and total novices alike, without alienating either audience.


Redcape’s final copy trumpets its strengths and plays out the most compelling benefits while staying compliant and responsible. By explaining things simply and respecting the reader’s intelligence, the site invites all audiences to learn more and engage.

What the Client Says

I was impressed by the clarity it created in expressing our brand and the skills brought to the table. You helped with more than just writing text—you helped with the user experience, too. I was extremely happy to have someone who understood our business and was able to help us lay it out.

– Charles Basta, CEO


Investing in futures and options always involves risk. Whether you’re interested in managed futures programs or trading on your own, it helps to have a partner you can trust.

That’s Redcape. As an independent brokerage firm, we’re here to provide objective strategy, elite access, and powerful tools to help you achieve your goals.

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