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The Synopsis

Repairing your credit can be a bleak prospect. Hundreds of companies tout their capabilities, but few actually deliver, and may worsen your debt in the process.

Enter Regal Financial. The principals are former mortgage brokers. They’ve inhabited “the other side” of finance (the creditor side), and their precision and inside knowledge can do the job right. As a result, Regal has a 98% success rate and a pay-as-you-go guarantee.

The Copywriting Challenge

In an industry swirling with empty promises, Regal Financial shines. Our copywriters needed to transform its somewhat unremarkable copy to reflect authority and authenticity.

The Solution

Our copywriters reworked the original Regal Financial flyer, replacing salesy yet flat copy with confidence-inducing explanations of what Regal does, how, and most importantly, why.

  • We outlined the three major services offered, and mapped out each step that Regal takes in assisting its clients.
  • We converted flat, definitional copy into tangible, vivid benefits—and backed them up with Regal Financial’s money-back guarantee.
  • We wrote a compelling and passionate bio for founder and CEO Anthony Davenport.
  • We stressed Regal Financial’s proprietary knowledge and strong ties to the financial world, both of which propel the company’s efforts to success.

The final copy is crisp, clear, and genuine—assuring the reader that when it comes to enabling your buying power, Regal Financial is the real deal.


Your clients’ credit score is killing the deal. Whether it’s low, average, or even above average, it’s blocking their goals— and keeping you from closing.

We take the time to understand your clients’ goals—and what’s preventing them. Then, we methodically address each negative file—removing information that’s erroneous, disputable and or obsolete. All deletions are permanent.

We are pit bulls for your clients. As former mortgage brokers, we go directly to the source (banks, collection companies, etc.) to obtain deletions and amendments, and use existing laws to your clients’ advantage. No one does what we do: our methods are proprietary and astonishingly effective—with 98% success. We get paid when we produce.

What the Client Said…

When I first met Jean Tang, I knew I needed her company’s skills. She spoke about website copy in a way I’d never considered—focusing on its ability to create desire rather than need. Who can’t relate to that?! As a seller of something abstract and commoditized (credit restoration services), you might think that our clients hire us out of need. Some of them do. But Jean and her team of copywriters have designed it so that our services sound sexy, astonishing, and very desirable. Believe me: it’s the stronger sell by far.

–Anthony Davenport, CEO, Regal Financial

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