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The Synopsis

Reiki Master Gianantonio Corna was fresh from Italy. He needed an American website that would showcase his extraordinary talents—without losing readers who don’t consider themselves spiritual.

The Copywriting Challenge

As so-called energy / healing work, Reiki may as well be ‘voodoo’ for hardened city dwellers. But (take it from us): one needn’t “believe” in Reiki for it to work wonders.

The Solution

Reiki Vitae’s website copy strikes a meticulously modern, no-nonsense, non-spiritual tone. The words “energy” and “healing” appear but a handful (3? 4?) of times on a 12-page website.

Instead, the website pages form an analogy to electronics—and make reference only to hardcore physiological results.


Imagine that you are an electronic device. Fresh from the factory, everything worked. But now, you’ve got a past—replete with bugs. Incidents. Glitches. Things that just…show up.

Now: apply Reiki. With speed and insane simplicity, Reiki acts like a reboot button for your being. Whoever you are and whatever you might be struggling with, Reiki hits ‘Reset’—calming your breath, clearing your outlook, and charging you with fresh reserves of springy, abundant energy. What’s going on?

Welcome to Reiki Vitae, a Reiki practice in New York City. Some call it a miracle—but to us, it’s an extraordinarily natural way to nourish yourself.

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