RIME Raw Bar

As a ski-in raw bar reminiscent of New England, RIME needed to launch its website before the start of ski season. Its biggest challenge was captivating skiers who would choose coastal food in a sea of other delicious and hearty options. MarketSmiths worked together with the team behind RIME to create unique brand story with language that brought its fresh and delicate tastes to life.

RIME sought to captivate west-coast skiers with a unique brand story that would bring fresh, delicate tastes to life.
New England-style raw bar, perched in the Wasatch Mountains.

Our Client

The proprietors of renowned Utah restaurant Tupelo Park City were preparing to launch their next project: a ski-in raw bar on the slopes of Deer Valley. Unlike other regionally-skiable seafood, RIME would have a distinctly New England vibe.

Our Challenge

Working against a tight deadline, RIME needed to launch a website before the start of ski season. But how do you place coastal food in a ski town setting, far away from lobster-rich oceans? How do you tell the story of a restaurant that trades delicate slips of food, when its creators are known for hearty southern-inspired fare? In short, how do you captivate west-coast skiers, enticing them to choose us among an enviable bouquet of options?

The Result

The team behind RIME is known for creating brands that tell a story. Working together, we crafted a unique brand story that set RIME against both the salty sea and the snow-slathered mountains. We devised witty headlines that capture RIME’s target audience, bringing the brand to life with language that replicates the best of raw fish: delicate, insanely fresh, with faint traces of saltwater—and the powerful essence of a cleansing sea. In its debut season, RIME is already a success—thanks to high-quality bites and high-quality copy. Check out the pages here. The words are ours; the design is not (but it’s lovely, no?).

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