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The NYC Department of Sanitation has a huge job. Not only is the agency charged with keeping the streets of New York dirt-, litter-, and trash-free, it must remove snow, haul large items, keep construction debris in check, commemorate cycling tragedies, recycle, and much more. And it has to get the word out about these practices to the urban public–in a way that’s easy (to find), simple, succinct, and effective.

Copywriting Challenge

Helping our agency partner, True VGD (a Vanguard Direct company), rewrite the DSNY website was pure pleasure. We had a lovely shared client, clear timetables, and a thoughtfully segmented project, enabling us to tackle the rewrite effort section by section, page by page.

The Solution

The result? A cleverly strategized (thanks VGD!), cleanly written public portal that categorizes information where you’d expect it to be–and then gives you what you need in a vibrant, streamlined way. The finished site has eliminated massive confusion, reducing manual requests for information–and making DSNY’s policies and practices clear for all to see.


Snow Operations

New Yorkers see DSNY spreading salt, and plowing, melting and hauling snow – but snow response is a year-round process; we plan and organize months before winter weather conditions strike, and begin evaluating our productivity, success and strategies for improvement during storms and continue when spring arrives.

Situational Awareness

Throughout the storm, DSNY monitors operations using a range of technologies and channels of communication, particularly, plow and spreader asset tracking via GPS units, two way radio communications of live field condition reports, and live feed DOT and other City network camera monitoring. During the storm DSNY is in constant contact with the NYC Office Emergency Management and other agencies to coordinate resources.


Each fall, DSNY holds meetings internally to synchronize operations, discuss snow staffing and plan snow-drill exercises. DSNY also works with other City agencies to coordinate resources. In the months before the snow season begins, DSNY ensures that it has adequate equipment, parts and supplies to carry out the snow plan. Sanitation workers are trained for winter operations every year from September through December.

If you’d like to read more, go to nyc.gov/assets/dsny/site/home.

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