Rock Paper Team

You’re pounding the pavement or wandering a new neighborhood…with your coworkers. Maybe you’re approaching strangers, soliciting them to do innocent but hysterical things. Or you’re strategizing a pyramid formation—then forming it and snapping the shot. Personalities fly. Steve gets competitive.

rock paper team


Teamwork enthusiast Dan Colgan was launching a new company: a team building platform aimed to bring productivity, bonding, and good old-fashioned fun to the workplace.

Copywriting Challenge

Dan had written his own copy, but it needed an extra touch of that something. MarketSmiths stepped in to dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and bring it to vivid life.


Through vibrant imagery and relatable examples, we brought readers straight into the world of wacky scavenger hunts and friendly games of wit and endurance Dan had created. Rock Paper Team could successfully launch with copy that excites and ignites—just like its activities do.

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