Prismview, a Samsung Electronics Company, is known for its LED light technology that makes a lasting impression. It sought MarketSmiths to craft copy that captured its expertise and spirit—newsletters, e-books, and other materials—and was met with astonishing results. With a 28% email open rate, soaring landing page traffic, and marketable database growth, Prismview was able to dramatically expand its reach.

Prismview needed copywriting that could capture its expertise and spirit, connecting with their elite audience of stadium owners and operators.

Our Client

If you’ve ever found yourself on the outskirts of a concert crowd, or way up high in a stadium, you’ve probably seen how a large-screen using LED lights can change your whole experience. Even for people with good seats, a great display can transform your perspective, spotlighting athletes, capturing close-ups of guitar riffs, honing in on instant replays, and picking out audience members so they become part of the action—even from far away.

Prismview, a Samsung Electronics company and client of our agency partner, Room 214, specializes in exactly that: the technology behind LED light displays that make a lasting impression. Working on everything from flashy message boards in Times Square to LED billboards in Seoul, Prismview represents the best of the best when it comes to display. 

Our Challenge 

When it comes to imagery, Prismview is the master. When it comes to technology copy, we provide reinforcements. Via Room 214, Prismview needed a copywriting team that could consistently provide them with quality content, across different platforms, to help maintain their positioning as a leading authority in LED technology. 

Crafting newsletters, e-books and other content pieces focused on leading trends in LED, we were tasked with giving 1,000+ words to the place that makes the pictures—and the results have been incredible.

Our Shared Success

When MarketSmiths started executing on agency partner Room 214’s strategies for Prismview, the results were astonishing. In June 2019, email open rates were at 28% (far above industry standards), and across all publishers, custom email placements maximized conversions at the historically lowest cost per conversion. 

In under a year, Prismview’s landing page traffic has increased exponentially. Month over month, Prismview’s marketable database has grown by 6%, compounding with each increase. For Prismview’s elite audience of stadium owners and operators, this is significant. Over the past year, MarketSmiths has learned a lot about pixel pitch, HDR, and ambitious installations—and we’ve really enjoyed helping Prismview let the world know about its great work.

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