Dorothy’s new product line is irresistible—on and off the page.

Savencia Fromage & Dairy

Our Client

Buttery Bries. Creamy Camemberts. Award-winning blues. Savencia Fromage & Dairy has been creating specialty cheeses since 1956—and since 2017, MarketSmiths has helped the brand tell its story. 

Our Challenge 

In collaboration with a famed French affineur, Savencia perfected four new wheels of cheese for one of their most beloved brands, the iconic, flower-shaped Dorothy’s® Cheese. The final ingredients? Cheeky names, worthy of the product and brand. 

As professional namers that have notched up dozens of successful names through our crowdsourcing technique, we dug in.

Our Shared Success

MarketSmiths landed on four witty and whimsical names: 

  • Holy Smoke. Namesake of Dorothy cheese, Illinois dairy farmer Dorothy loved relaxing by the fireplace as the scent of cedar filled the air. This soft cheese is infused with smoky flavors that evoke the past—and fill the present.
  • Diggin’ Truffles. Dorothy’s husband hailed from Greece, a country full of rich flavors—and gourmet truffles. Featuring luscious black truffles, this sophisticated creation is an homage to heritage.
  • Somethin’ Brewing. Down the road from Dorothy sat Lena Brewery. One day, the hoppy smell of brewing beer wafted through the farmhouse windows, bringing a brilliant pairing idea to mind. Washed in Lena Beer, this cheese has richness (and mischief) in every bite.
  • Love, Rosemary. Made from cow’s milk and brushed with essential oils of rosemary, this creamy and complex cheese bursts with floral notes—and full-bodied flavor. Of all the herbs in Dorothy’s garden, rosemary was her favorite. One bite of this cheese, and you’ll know why.

Dorothy’s can boast a new product line that’s utterly irresistible—both on and off the page.

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